Printing Services

Providing a range of quality prints

Deciding on where to have your digital files printed is important particularly if you have spent several thousand dollars having a photographer capture your special wedding day or family shoot. You do not want your investment wasted on poor quality images that do not represent the high standard of your photographer's work.

We place a high value on simplicity when it comes to working with our customers and our lab. Every single image whether it be a 6x4" (10x15cm) print or a metre long enlargement are all treated with the same high level of quality to obtain the very best from your images.

There are various options available for sending images to us, whether it is just a few or several hundred. 

 Canvas Prints:  

There is no better way to present and preserve your special images than by having them printed onto canvas. Just email the image you would like printed and we can deliver anywhere in New Zealand.

There are so many photos that look awesome printed onto canvas. Whether it be from wedding and family photos, pictures of your pets, cars, children, babies, your favourite scene or a collage of different images.

Printing onto canvas will transform your photos and if you can bear to give them away they make perfect gifts for family and friends.

Custom sizes are available. 

Canvas image

  Panoramic Canvas Prints:

This is a very popular method of printing and you will be thrilled with the result. Your photography will be printed onto high quality canvas, using archival inks and will be gallery wrapped over our wooden stretcher frames. There are two widths available. This is a great way to transform your photographs into beautiful pieces of art that will become a focal point in your home or office. 

 Montages / Collages:

If you have a special occasion or a collection of photographs that you would like on canvas then this is a perfect way to present your photographs. A montage is perfect for events such as weddings, birthdays and reunions. They are available in any of our stretched canvas sizes.

Collages image

 Photos on Blocks:

A photo block is a great way to display your prints, either as a single image or print several to make a collection of photos.  Photo blocks are a modern alternative to print your photos that can either hang or free stand.  Mounted seemlessly onto an 18mm wooden block in standard or custom sizes.

Photo Blocks image


Digital Enhancement:

We have expert experience in enhancing and improving digital photos so if you have a photo that needs some work then let us take a look at it. As part of our printing service, any minor enhancement or cropping are free of charge. This includes conversion to sepia or black and white.


If you do not have a digital version of your photograph we can scan from negative, slides and photographs.

 Adding Text:

We can add text to images, providing a professional and personalized enhancement for any office or home. This makes an ideal gift for clients or family.

Landscape Photographs & Large Format Prints:

When you take the time to capture a special moment that is only there for a brief second you want the best reproduction of your image that is possible.  We specialise in panoramic prints on lifelong silver hallide photographic paper and larger format prints up to 3 metres long.

Large Format image


Old photographs that are precious to you can sometimes fade, the colour can shift, or they can incur damage over time. Any photograph left to deteriorate will only get worse or could fade completely.

We all have photographs that make great snapshots but the horizon may not be straight, a stranger's head is showing or the background may be cluttered. Photo restoration can turn an ordinary photo into an image worth framing and passing on for generations.

Photo restoration can include fading, mildew, stains, spots, scratches, tears, corners missing, cropping or even just the simple matter of eliminating redeye.

Original photographs are not changed in any way, they do not leave the premises and are stored safely ready to be returned with your new replacement. If you prefer not to leave the original work we can scan the image while you wait and you can leave knowing we will work expertly on the new restored image. Alternatively you can scan the image yourself (at a high resolution) and email it to us to do the restoration work.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote. Prices range from $5.00 to $60.00.

Restoration 1 image Restoration 2 image

 Index Sheets:

 We can offer a full range of sizes for index sheets, with any number of prints per page, custom made to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your special needs.

Index Sheets 1 iage Index Sheets 2 image

Package Printing:

 This is an unique and cost effective way for people to print large volumes of the same photograph onto one sheet. It is a fully customized service with templates that are made to your requirements. Please feel free to make contact to discuss your individual requirements.

Volume Printing:

 If you have a large order of multiple print sizes and quantities, a good option may be the volume printing pricing structure. The work supplied for this must be in individual folders setting out size and quantity. (See diagram below)

Volume Printing image