It is said that outside of people and pets, a family’s photo collection is the top priority in case of a fire or natural disaster.
Why trust the local pharmacy or superstore with your one-of-a-kind images? Give your photos the treatment they deserve with our archival photo scanning.
All of your images are scanned right at our shop in Alexandra. We never ship your photos to another facility to be scanned. With us, you always know where your images are.
We offer high resolution scans, making your images truly archival. Each image also includes basic enhancement (colour/exposure correction; cropping; rotating to the proper orientation; and dust and scratch removal, if necessary).
We scan all the major print, negative, and slide formats. These include scanning prints of all sizes (even glass, tin-types and those long panoramic images from the late 1800s and early 1900s). We also scan 110, 126, and 127 slides and negatives; APS film; Kodak Disc negatives; Medium and Large Format negatives; prints in albums; newspaper clippings; children’s artwork; and just about every other image format available.
We discuss with you the level of restoration you would like, and what is possible. Prices are pre-agreed and based on the estimated time required for the restoration. You will be surprised what we can do.
We share your concern on how precious your photos, slides and negatives are. If you cannot drop them off at our shop, we will try to personally pick them up and drop them off to you, where possible, at no extra charge.
1-5 @ $4.00 each
6-50 @ $2.30 each
51-100 @ $1.60 each
101+ @ $1.20 each
Restoration based @ $10 per 15 minutes.